We can help you coordinate the finished look of your poolscape.  Matching the colors, textures, and profiles of the waterline tile, plaster finish, and pool coping is as important as the window dressings, carpet, and furniture for the interiors of your project.   Each element plays a strong role in the overall accomplishment of the design.  Come in and talk to us about your goals, and we'll help you get there.  

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We have a great selection of pool coping options.  Natural stone, precast concrete, and brick coping comes in a variety of colors and sizes.  Many have radiused options for circles or curves, as well as inside and outside corners.  And whether your coping needs to integrate seamlessly into the patio paving, or sit above on a raised edge, we can help you find the solution that works well with your project.

Giving new life to an old landscape?  Remodeling the pool or water feature is a great cost saving measure.  We can help you find the perfect coping for your needs.



Pool tile sets the atmosphere within the pool.  Fun and active or serene and relaxing?  Choose the material, size, and texture that envelopes the experience.  We can guide you through materials selection to help you bring all your elements together.



There are several considerations to think about when choosing pool plaster.  The texture under your feet, the color the water reflects, the animation of the ripples on the surface.  Each aspect plays its role in creating the perfect pool or water feature.  Come in and feel the difference.  

Whether you are gathering information for your contractor, or you're a contractor helping your client match materials, let us help guide you in the selection process that's right for your project.